Friday, November 18

Air Canada

I would like to thank Air Canada for 3 weeks of smooth transportation and helpful service. Almost all my flights were serviced by them. I am proudly Canadian.

Sunday, November 6

Warming up in the Steel

Warming up inside the Steel Recital Hall of UPEI in Charlottetown.

Charlottetown, PEI

Posing by the Charlottetown boardwalk. It was a glorious morning with weather fit for a tourist. I even saw some locals sporting T-shirts and slacks. How unusual for November!

Saturday, November 5

Muesli mix? Yes, please!

At The Old Orchard Inn in Wolfville, NS I learned a new way of making french toast.... with muesli mix crusted on both sides, INCREDIBLE!

Friday, November 4

Lunenburg, NS

This is when work seemed more like vacation. Emily and I were mesmerized by Lunenburg and its beauty; we simply did not want to leave! From waking to a gorgeous landscape of quiet waters and impressive sails, not to mention two nights at the Sail Inn with a king sized tub (likely to comfortably fit three adults)! What I love most about Lunenburg: the vivid hues on the exterior woods of houses. Using it as a backdrop with my favourite colour, red. :)

Wednesday, November 2

Support the Arts!

I was amused by the sticker on the dressing room door of the Brunton Auditorium: "Support the arts, KISS A MUSICIAN." Especially, when they're dress to the nines, I'm sure it can't be that hard to support! Emily and I just moments before going on to perform in Sackville, NB.

Sackville, NB

From Montreal, we flew to Sackville, New Brunswick to perform in Mount Allison University's Brunton Auditorium. It is only the second performance of our official E-gre tour, but within minutes of the dress rehearsal, we already get the feeling we love this venue. The acoustics are incredible, capturing every vocal pianissimo and every stroke of the piano key provides a different colour.